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Smart, Fun, and Hard-Working

Ocelot Chatbots are skilled conversationalists with great personalities. They have access to unrivaled text and video content for all student service departments, including financial aid and admissions, as well as content from across the Ocelot community. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, they’re available around the clock to help students.

Simple to use.

Ocelot Chatbots are always on and available across students’ devices. Simply start a chat or ask a question to launch a conversation.

Unrivaled video library.

The industry’s deepest student service and financial aid knowledgebase, with 2,000+ videos and 2,500+ preloaded questions and answers, anchors the chatbot platform.


Ocelot Chatbots are fluent in Spanish and consistent with US Dept. of Education Spanish guidelines. Additional content is available in Farsi, Creole, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Up to the minute.

Knowledgebase data, videos, and other content are dynamically updated to ensure accuracy and provide the most current resources.

Fully customizable.

Your Ocelot Chatbot looks like you—with your school colors, mascot, and other user interface features. API integrations are also available for a fully personalized experience.

We keep students' hours.

Administrators go home at night, but we’re here 24 x 7 x 365 to answer student services and financial aid questions.

Chatbots and Videos for Higher Education

The Ocelot Chatbot platform and videos benefit community colleges, technical schools, four-year public institutions, and four-year private schools of all sizes.