November 14 – 17, 2021

Ocelot @ AACRAO SEM 2021

AACRAO SEM is rapidly approaching. Ocelot will be live and in-person in Aventura, FL at Booth #708. Read on to learn more about our program.

Ways to engage with Ocelot

What SEM leaders need to know about AI communications

Ocelot gives students a single, unified experience for personalized 24/7 communications and unburdens department staff from the repetitive work that gets in the way of impacting enrollment. Read our 2-pager to learn everything you need to know in order to incorporate AI communications into your SEM strategy.

Session Spotlight: Monday 11/15 at 3pm

Digital Student Services for Success

Coming out of the pandemic, students expect their college to provide 24/7 digital access to student services. Affordable artificially intelligent (AI) technology is rising to the challenge. AI tools can easily be deployed to provide a high-touch experience for students in a way that is also scalable for the institution. Resolve repetitive questions immediately, transfer students to personalized services when the time is right, and send gentle text reminders so students aren’t worried about paperwork and transactional requirements when they start class. Learn how Ocelot’s AI Student Engagement Platform can drive messaging services via chatbot, text and live chat to meet students where they are while increasing engagement, enrollment and student success.