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Your new office hours are 24/7

An unanswered question isn’t just an inconvenience. It can be the difference between dropping out and a degree.

40% of Student Inquiries Happen After Hours.

Ocelot is up 24/7 to answer the repetitive, tedious questions that overburden advisors and administrators so they can maximize the impact for students that need their help the most.

Always Accessible

Anytime on any device. The chatbot supports over 20 departments across campus using technology that students engage with.
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Anonymous + Personalized

Student questions come in all forms. Easy, embarrassing, general, student-specifc. Ocelot is there for every question from every student.
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Live Chat Handoff

Escalate conversations to a live agent for issues that need a human touch. The AI supports live agents in their responses for meaningful interactions.
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In whatever language, the chatbot speaks Student.
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