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From student data to student service

Ocelot is an integral part of the ecosystem that delivers personalized student service through AI and human channels.

Why Integrate the Ocelot Platform?

Unify the student experience

Ocelot’s enterprise AI Communications and Student Engagement Platform connects schools and students to drive enrollment, retention, and student success. Integrating the platform into the existing technology stack further accelerates the platform’s impact across campus.

Our integrations approach

Making Ocelot a connected part of your technology ecosystems brings back-end data to the forefront of student communications so engagement is fast, personalized, and administrators stay connected with students to tackle complex issues from any device.

Drop In integrations

Drop-in integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations and extensions. Special installation or custom work not required.

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Pre-built_Configurable Drop-in integrations

Pre-built, configurable

Collaborative Integration implementation that includes security review, hosting buildout, mapping and testing.

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API Framework

Open API framework

Flexible and comprehensive, API and webhook documentation available for self-serve integrations and development.

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Technology Ecosystem
Where We Fit In

An integrated technology ecosystem

Ocelot is your conduit to students across campus. Reach every student and answer every question from a single platform. Our AI securely unifies and personalizes the student experience using existing data and increases the ROI of the entire stack.

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Customer Success Stories

Dive into success stories

Hear how your peers are realizing the benefits of the Ocelot’s AI Communications and Student Engagement Platform, ensuring every student gets the answers they need so no one is left behind.

The largest community across higher education with 5 million AI interactions in 2020.

Explore why 450+ schools trust Ocelot to increase enrollment, retention, and student success.