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Answer questions before they’re even asked

Accurate, compliant, comprehensive answers ready to go for a remarkable student experience out of the gate.

There’s a simple answer to that complex question.

With thousands of easy-to-digest FATV video explainer videos, students can get educated on education.

Modern Media

Students are visual learners...so be visual.

A visual aid for financial aid.

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Simplify Education

Take the weight out of a heavy subject

There are no dumb questions. Just lots and lots of videos.

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Streamline Experience

Fewer interruptions. More solutions.

Less hand holding. More high fives.

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Customer Success Stories

Dive into success stories

Hear how your peers are realizing the benefits of the Ocelot’s AI Communications and Student Engagement Platform, ensuring every student gets the answers they need so no one is left behind.

The largest community across higher education with 5 million AI interactions in 2020.

Explore why 450+ schools trust Ocelot to increase enrollment, retention, and student success.