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FSA 2021 is a wrap! We enjoyed being a part of the program and appreciate your engagement throughout this years event. See you next year!

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What Financial Aid leaders need to know about AI communications

Ocelot gives students a single, unified experience for personalized 24/7 communications and unburdens financial aid staff from the repetitive work that gets in the way of impacting student success. Read our 2-pager to learn everything you need to know in order to incorporate AI communications into your engagement strategy.

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AI Communications Benchmark Study

AI communications are becoming a “go to” across college campuses – both physical and virtual. This trend is driven both by students’ changing communication preferences and the need to expand service capacity with personalized, virtual advising after hours.

This inaugural study analyzed 9.7 million AI interactions since the beginning of 2020 and provides insight into the trends, topics, and student behaviors that are impacting departments across the country.

Insights from this study will enable institutions to develop the appropriate engagement and support strategies to increase student success.

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