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Ocelot connects you with your students in a single, easy-to-use, connected platform. Teams from every department on campus use Ocelot to reach every student, create conversations that otherwise may not have happened, and answer every question along their journey.

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Ocelot combines student-centric communication channels with best-in-class AI, making us the #1 AI communication platform for higher education.

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Ocelot takes a unique approach to ensuring students get the right advice on any device wherever they are in their educational journey, and the world.

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Need a framework for evaluating communication platforms? Download our texting and chatbot buyer's guides to help you size up your options.

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Not all AI is created equal. Our approach is one-of-a-kind in higher education and creates high impact conversations between institutions and students.

There are many ways to engage students, but only one solution

Unify the student experience with personalized and guided engagement for every department, every campus, every district, every system.

Powerful alone; better together

Standalone or “add on” capabilities may serve siloed departmental needs, but the student journey doesn’t see it that way.

A single, unified platform for student communications creates the connections needed to keep students moving forward.

Easy-to-use, scalable framework

From small colleges to complex universities to broad districts and systems, there are a myriad of possible platform configurations.

Ocelot’s unique framework enables institutions to find the right balance between customization vs. control that supports their objectives.


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Learn how your peers are using the Ocelot AI communication platform to positively impact enrollment, retention, persistence, and wellness across the student journey.

Over 12 million questions answered in the last 12 months alone.

Explore why 500 schools trust Ocelot to increase enrollment, retention, and student success.